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Smart, scalable, business driven software engineering and design. Your trusted technology partner.

Sophisticated Engineering Services and Management

From complex problems requiring smart engineering solutions to operating your domicilied technology stack, Magic & Co. offers incredible value in both domains - delivering scalable technology solutions or increasing the asset value of your existing technology stack upon taking ownership of it, often at dramatically reduced cost.

Our People

From the world's most iconic startups and brands, our engineers have been responsible for almost $1 billion in market value creation in the last five years, and now bring their experiences and expertise in the service of your company. Magic & Co's incredible talent consists of, New York City based developers, off-shore experts, all veterans of the startup scene who undergo rigorous screening. Magic & Co has plans to open its own development center in Poland in late 2016 in the service of our clients.

Case Study: Starting from Scratch - a startup's tale.

Shopgopher was a company that provided international shipping services for luxury good companies and had a strong existing client base. Magic developed a Peer-to-Peer buying model, website, and mobile app under The Luxe Link which created personal shoppers for international buyers using a custom built messaging application, enabling Shopgopher to scale their business.

Case Study: Domiciling and Operating An App at Wal-Mart Scale

Avia Ascend is a fitness and sleep tracker, sold in Wal-Mart stores with a large customer base. Magic operates the application, handles customer service, and provides firmware maintenance.

Case Study: Design Principles Increase eCommerce Sales.

Redoing iHome, the electronics maker with products in more than 45 countries, with design and new eCommerce functionality.

Case Study: From Startups to Conglomerates.

We design for everybody, applying startup principles to small companies and large companies alike. Comcast needed a revamp of their security products and corporate website and we were proud to be involved in launching their new systems.