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We offer offensive innovation positioning in the form of product advisory, product creation, software engineering and process adjustment. Our goal is always to successfully combine business imperatives and technology to create revenue.

Product Jumpstart

Our Product Jumpstart process is a way to leverage your domain and industry expertise and turn it into high-growth technology products that seek not just incremental revenue but transformational amounts.

Digital Business Innovation

Have an existing product? Refresh with a strategy that takes advantage of the latest trends in technologies. Then, execute.

Technology Modernization

Technology stacks grow outdated quickly - we provide both an analysis of business relevant technology advancements that could affect your system, performance, and costs, and execute on any requested upgrades if needed.

Process Optimization

Whether within your technology department, or between the tech department and the rest of your organization, the process and workflow by which your IT and software engineering operates is critical to revenue, profitability, and employee well-being. Let us help build the processes that have successfully served organizations large and small.