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If your brand was a person, how would your customers speak to it?
This will be the question for CMOs over the next decade. Now, lets get started answering it.

Voice UX is the new UX.

For the last 30 years, personal computing has been dominated by point-and-click interfaces and physical devices.

But a fundamental change is underway in how consumers interact with technology. Voice platforms, seamless conversational interfaces, untethered and omnipresent, offer the chance for brands to become a delightful and trustworthy friend to their customers. Best friends even. These innovations will redefine both the customer experience and customer acquisition over the next decade.

Magic & Co. helps brands find and talk with their customers on these platforms. Our clients work with us to discover and design brand personality and conversational flow, and implement across platforms with powerful customer analytics. We help create lasting friendships, not quick introductions - our goal: BFFs for life.